If you climax before you or your partner is ready, then no doubt you are ready to find out how to fix premature ejaculation (PE). It is no fun not being able to control yourself. Now, lets be clear on thing…If you are having sex for the first time with someone that is different. We all know first time sex with someone is exciting because you have never been there before.

However, if you have had sex with the person on several occasions and your cumming before either one of you would like then you more than likely are suffering from PE. The good news is that it can be cured if you know the secret. Well, millions of men who used to suffer like you don’t suffer anymore because they know how to fix premature ejaculation.

Here’s the one tip that they know and you don’t! In order to never have to worry about sexual dysfunction they take male ejaculation pills also known in some circles as penis pills. OK, now you are wondering what is so special about these male ejaculation pills? Or, what exactly are they?

Well, they are a herbal supplement that has a unique formulation with the most powerful ingredients known to man. This formulation has lots of ingredients such as:

Zinc which is highly effective at increasing the amount of semen you can and do ejaculate. As a matter of fact, according to Dr. Mahajan testosterone levels of men rise dramatically with zinc supplements.

L-arginine is also included. It has been proven to cause you to have harder erections while increasing sperm count.

Creatine Monohydrate is another highly potent ingredient needed to combat premature ejaculation. Studies have been conducted and shown to delay fatigue by buffering lactic acid during major “sexual” workouts. I would say that is real good information to know when you plan your next big workout in the bedroom.

One more ingredient that is really good to know about is Pomegranate. It is also known as natures Viagra. Antioxidants raise levels of nitric oxide, which relax blood vessel walls and increase blood supply to your penis. The more blood that flows to your penis will enable you to have bigger ejaculations and more intense orgasms.

In addition, these nutrients will allow you to last a lot longer. With solid erections you will satisfy yourself and your partner. You can fix premature ejaculation if you take the first step. It is up to you to make a change in your life starting right now.


Source by Thornton Jacobs


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